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You're not alone with Taste Trails Rome

Around 70% of our guests come along by themselves and we offer a warm, welcoming, safe, comfortable place to relax and enjoy your holiday. Your accommodation Santo Pietro is a stress free zone with its comfortable en-suite rooms , fine swimming pool and gardens.

We positively encourage people to come along by themselves . Travel is an adventure and our aim is that you can go by yourself but arrive and return home safely having made new friends and having experienced a wonderful time during your stay with us in Italy .

We of course have a program for your holiday but the reality is it is well structured so that you have enough free time to relax and do exactly as you please . We are on hand at all times during your stay to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We make sure you arrive and return home safely 

For those arriving at Rome Ciampino ( Ryanair ) we will be waiting to meet you and of course we return you safe and sound .

Arriving at Rome Fiumincino ? ( BA - International airlines ) You would simply take the excellent train from inside the terminal and we will be there to meet you at our local station , Fara Sabina. All very simple , relaxing and stress free.

Taste Trails Rome Solo Travellers have a policy of No Single Supplements

We believe it would be terribly unfair to charge a supplement and this is why we don't and never will charge a single supplement. 

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Solo Travellers , Cooking holidays in Italy for singles, We have just the thing !

This was the experience of a guest who came along by herself and stayed with us on one of our Cookery holiday weekends.


Travels to Italy for a Singles holiday experience of a lifetime.

I had a dream of going to Italy to learn how to cook just like the Italians cook, 

Travels To Italy For A Singles Holiday Experience Of A Lifetime.

I had a dream of going to Italy to learn how to cook just like the Italians cook, 

After trawling through what seemed like hundreds of websites on the internet for Italian cooking holidays and cooking holidays in Italy for singles, I came across a very unassuming website and I knew immediately that this was the place for me. Not only was the price right, and the fact that there were no single supplements but the whole feel of the cooking holiday that they described seemed perfect for a long weekend in Italy. From the photos to the visitor's comments, all came across as if they not only liked but were in love with this place. I was a single traveller and a little concerned about going away by myself, but from the moment I spoke to Marco ( he is the owner of Taste Trails Rome - Cookery holidays in Italy ), I felt immediately at ease as he explained exactly what the weekend entailed and what I would get for my money. I was told that the group had 6 single travellers on my particular weekend and virtually all having the same reservations about coming along by themselves. We needed not to have worried, I and some of my other fellow guests took the train from Rome Fiumicino airport up to the local station and there waiting for us was the lovely Roberto and immediately we all felt as if we were being welcomed by a friend. 

Early that evening we met the aforementioned Marco for the welcome dinner. It was proseccos all round as we all met and got to know each other and then it was down for the welcome dinner, and what a dinner, very rustic food to say the least , but the array of antipasti , primi and secondi were things that you would never see in an Italian restaurant back home in England. This was the real deal as far as authentic Italian food was concerned, no garlic bread in sight! The antipasti alone could have fed a whole army. The fresh pasta, perfectly 'al dente' was something else . Mark then casually informed us, that we would be making fresh pasta, by hand in both of the weekends cooking lessons and that it would be edible! That evening set the tone for the weekend, it was a brilliant laugh, the welcome that we had had, the group clicked, maybe something to do with vino or the fact that we all had something in common.

Late afternoon, our first lesson. I had imagined that I would be nervous but none of us were, Marco had said it is not Master Chef and the tone of the weekend continued in the lesson ,  We laughed as we made mistakes , but none of it mattered, we were taken through a full dinner, from Antipasti to Dolce, with fresh pasta Ravioli and meat dishes in between. And the beauty of these lessons is you get to eat the fruits of your labour, and even though I say so myself, It was fantastic and we all felt that we could make everything that we had prepared at home, the lessons were that well taught. We ate and drank late into the night on the terrace under a night sky where you could see every star in the universe.

As we left the weekend not knowing what had hit us, it seemed as we had only just arrived and yet we had packed so much into the weekend and already it was time to go. I wasn't ready to go! The group of 4 women and 2 men had got on fantastically well, we arrived as complete strangers but left as friends and with great sadness too. 

It was truly was a great holiday to remember and something months later that I still giggle about. I will return to this secret place I found in Italy.

S. Allinson - Taste Trails Rome Solo traveller | long weekend break.


Patrick , a Solo Traveller who came along on a Taste Trails Rome Italian Cooking holiday Week.

Earlier this year I travelled to Italy for a weeks Italian cooking holiday with Taste Trails Rome. I was fresh out of a long term relationship and this was my first time away by myself for quite a while . I had researched and researched all kinds of activity based holidays , there are hundreds , some are unbelievably expensive , some seemed to be a little shabby around the edges , or with large numbers , or with poor looking accommodation and each time I was drawn back to this particular Italian cooking holiday as there was something about Taste Trails Rome that just felt right . First let me say I can't cook ( or couldn't ) I now have a passion for wonderfully simple food and I will attempt anything, just show me a recipe ( I still need them ! ) and I will have a go and you so can imagine arriving on a Italian cooking holiday thinking everybody is going to be a fantastic cook, apart from me and also am I going to be the only man ?? 

Well I did arrive, a little anxious to say the least and after stepping of the train at Fara ( I had flown into Rome Fiumincino that morning and taken the train up to Fara from inside the airport ) to be met by the beaming smile of Susanna who obviously spotted the only Englishman getting off the train and by the time time we arrived at Santo Pietro ( about 15 mins drive through the Olive groves ) any anxiety had competely gone and I was just charmed by her warmth , the fact she had been to York , my home town! Immediately I felt at home.

I was the sixth of eight to have arrived and the other five were sitting around the pool drinking chilled Prosecco and breaking off little pieces of Parmigiano . After introductions , there were a young couple and three fellow solo travellers ( two more solo travellers arrived later that afternoon ) we just chatted and chilled in the warm May sun and importantly,  I was not the only man ! Daniel had already arrived and shared the fact that he too was anxious about coming along and being the only man , so everybody had a good laugh at our expense and that set the tone for the week and what a week it was . Santo Pietro , the welcome dinner , the hands on cooking lessons , Rome , Orvieto and the vineyard , the food , OMG the food ! Giacomo , Angelina and Lina ( two adorable, I better say elderly ladies ), Paula and Franco , Susanna and finally Mark who put the whole thing together and just seemed to have everybody and every thing seamlessly in place .

Every day was different and it was just a joy, the week flew in and in no time I was sadly saying good buy to new found friends having seen a side to Italy I could only dream of.  I took away with me a beautiful experience , the warmth and laughter of my fellow guests and the gang here. Memories of long warm evenings with wonderful food and wine and of course fine company - all under the unbelievably clear night sky and new skills , the hands on cooking lessons were just brilliant , all three different actually and I learned so much .

I left Mark at the station vowing to return and in September I shall , this time completely relaxed knowing whoever else is on the cooking holiday , it will be just great  - I am counting the days.

' An Italian cooking holiday in colour ',  now I know what that means !

Sabina is a special place with special people, a Bel Paese indeed.

Patrick Holden - York, England.  Arrived as a Solo traveller left as a fellow traveller.


Hi Mark, just giving you a bit of feedback on my Italian cookery holiday experience . I really enjoyed the long weekend, the set up of the whole cookery holiday was very well organised, with just enough free time and just enough emphasis on the cookery aspect of it. The food was fab, and everyone we came across great fun and very friendly. I especially enjoyed the wine tasting, I have loads of photos if you fancy having a look at any of them for your website etc, just let me know and I can send you on the slightly less dodgy ones!!!
Terry -  Cork, Ireland cooking holidays in for singles Italian cooking holiday . Logo

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