Taste Trails Rome Music playlist 

Want to get in the Italian mood? Listen to the Taste Trails Rome playlist, or follow us on Spotify.

 For a taste of warm evenings, the scent of Jasmine through the open windows, Fire flies dancing in the lanes, Sugo of tomatoes and garlic simmering, and the sound of laughter and chatter......

Hopefully this playlist will fill the senses and evoke memories or inspire you to join us for a long weekend of week long Italian cooking holiday.

This is just a sample of the music that gets played - any suggestions then feel free to add


Want to learn more about our long weekend and week long Italian cooking holidays ?

We offer two cookery holidays, a 4 night / 5 day long leisurely Weekend and for those who want to enjoy being here a little longer and don't want to leave,  a 6 day / 7 night cookery holiday.

The aim of the cookery holidays is to immerse you into authentic Italian life . From the moment you arrive to your day of departure, you will experience ' La Dolce Vita ' and everything we think that entails, as well as meeting a few characters along the way who will hopefully leave an impression on you and when you do leave (be warned, you won't want to) you will leave with a love for Sabina and its people and having learned some wonderful recipes along the way.......


Cooking holidays in Italy Taste Trails Rome , More Than Just an Italian Cooking Holiday !