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Some of you may know of Sabina due to its depiction in the painting 'The Rape of the Sabine Women.' This mythological event occurred shortly after the founding of Rome when the new and powerful Rome, lacking only in women to produce male offspring, abducted Sabine women.

The primary access to this area is by the Via Salaria or 'Salt Way'. So named as it was the principle road used by tribes of Latin shepherds to bring salt from the Adriatic Sea to Rome .



Sabina is the base for your Italian cooking holiday, a magical and un-spoilt landscape of rolling hills, olive trees and wine groves, fields of wild garlic and sunflowers, rich colours and aromas. This is a countryside scattered with medieval hilltop villages, Etruscan ruins and Roman villas - a land treasured by all.

Sabina offers a colourful calendar of cultural and religious festivals, and this being Italy, they need no excuse to celebrate with wonderful food and fine wine. The best of Italian cuisine can be found here. An unforgettable stay in what is the real Italy.

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 The virtually traffic free Medieval hilltop village of winding cobbled alley ways is set in Sabina, an undiscovered corner of Lazio, 35 miles North of Rome, South of neighbouring Umbria. Central Rome is only 35 minutes via the excellent Italian train service. Orvieto is 1 hour north. 

Medieval hilltop villages like Fara Sabina continue to preserve traditions, popular festivals include the 'andare per l'olio",  tasting the newly harvested extra virgin olive oil around November, and also the "Medieval centro storico' festival. During these festivities, which all the locals attend, tables are set outdoors in the little Piazzas and local Sabine specialities are served and everybody joins in both the cooking and of course the eating .

Fara Sabina also hosts the acclaimed ' Fara Jazz Festival ' usually held the last week in July.  Described as ' seven Intense days drenched in Jazz ' the festival and summer school has grown in stature since its inception . 

Taste Trails Rome Italian cooking holiday gives you the chance to be part of the fabric of Italian life where the local people, especially the children, still have a certain curiosity about 'stranieri', a charming encounter not experienced in many other parts of Italy and something we'd like to preserve.

So close to Rome but a million miles away in terms of peace and tranquillity.

Rome , Orvieto and Sabina a fine combination for an Italian Cooking Holiday experience.


Orvieto is a big part of both the Italian cooking holiday weekends and weeks.and few places in Italy are more dramatically situated than the Umbrian town of Orvieto, which sits atop a cliff of red volcanic rock. 

A stronghold in Etruscan times, sacked by the Romans, reborn in the Middle Ages, Orvieto has the requisite stripey Duomo, crenellated Palazzo del Popolo, ancient churches and ego-boosting towers of any self-respecting Italian city state, as well as a warren of quarries, tunnels and ancient cellars. 

But Orvieto is also a wine-producing town, we visit the Custodi vineyard for a tasting and to see just how they produce their fine wines. Orvieto is also one of the main centres of Italy’s Slow Food movement – and the headquarters of Cittàslow, the Slow Cities movement, which extends the concept to leisurely living – Orvieto celebrates its gourmet tradition each autumn in the 'Orvieto con Gusto' festival.


A intoxicating mix of haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art , colours and aromas, Italy’s capital is one of the world’s most inspiring cities.

A trip to Rome is as much about lapping up the dolce vita lifestyle as gorging on art and culture. Idling around picturesque streets, whiling away hours at streetside cafes, people-watching on pretty piazzas – these are all an integral part of the Roman experience. The tempo rises as the heat of the day gives way to the evening cool and the fashionably dressed aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks) crowd descends on the city's bars and cafes. Rome is a city that does live unto its reputation and city that never disappoints

Sabina's hill top villages | | Italian cooking holiday

Sabina's hill top villages | | Italian cooking holiday


A Thousand year old mosaic in Farfa Abbey | | Italian cooking holiday.

Orvieto Umbria. Taste Trails Rome Italian cooking holiday

Orvieto Umbria. Taste Trails Rome Italian cooking holiday



Sabina , Ovieto and Rome deserve way more words and paragraphs than what is laid down here to do them justice , Come and experience them for yourself a fine combination of places for your Italian cooking holiday- you won't be disappointed .

Mark , Just a short note to say what a fantastic Italian cooking holiday we had with you last week. The combination of the cooking lessons and the people we met was very special, particularly as we enjoyed hospitality in their homes. We appreciate all the time you have spent in setting up the schedule and, of course, all of the driving you did to get us to places and show us the beautiful countryside and villages. Our few days in Rome was rather a contrast to our time in Sabina but we certainly walked off some of the wonderful food we had eaten! 

Sue and John - Eavesham , UK

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