Cut the Mustard

 Entrepreneurship Through Food . Creating Futures in Dublin


Cut the Mustard aims to break down the barriers into employment and light the fire in the Food Entrepreneurs of the future.



Mark founded the Social Enterprise initiative project of Entrepreneurship and Innovative thinking , practical skills of first class Coffee Barista training, Wine education, Life skills and Nurture, we feel will equip the students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to go onto create for themselves an exciting worthwhile future.

We have brought together a fine team of people to share their knowledge, experience and networks. Entrepreneur Troy McConnell's Creative Thinking , Patricia Zemmour Life Skills, Colm Douglas - Corkscrew Wine Merchants , Ferg Brown & Rob Lewis - Roasted Brown Coffee, Jared Huet - IT & Social Media , Deidre Treacy - Videographer.

A team who connect on a human level, who can inspire, in still confidence and self belief.

A team of people allied with an Innovative program of creative thinking, hands on practical skills and ongoing support and mentoring, will give the students the best chance of reaching their full potential in life and creating a future for themselves.


Deidre Treacy's short film of the program

Deidre followed the Cut the Mustard project over a period of weeks from beginning to end and produced this fine short film that records the team and students experience.


a Success Story -

Niall and Edel were both on the original Cut the Mustard program , made an enormous contribution to the project and have gone on to start their own business. Cut the Mustard Niall and Edel