www.tastetrailsrome.com | Cooking holidays in Italy | Recipe | Affogato

www.tastetrailsrome.com | Cooking holidays in Italy | Recipe | Affogato

Cooking holidays Italy recipe | Affogato

Affogato - Gelato ' Drowned ' in Espresso.

Is this the world's most delicious simple pick-me-up? The affogato, gelato “drowned” in espresso. The next time you experience a midday lull or need a last-minute dessert, turn to this Italian classic, which will take both your coffee and dessert breaks to another level.

Make with as many scoops of gelato and espresso as you need .



Seves 1 

1 scoop of vanilla or gelato
¼ cup of hot espresso


Prep time 3 Mins

Scoop the gelato into a serving bowl, glass, or coffee cup.

Pour the espresso over the gelato.

Serve immediately.

As simple as that. 

I'm sure you'll want another !

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This simple recipe will not be part of any Leeson with Taste Trails Rome | authentic cooking holidays in Italy. Although you can be sure we will be tasting one or two during your stay !

 In general what we do cook in the lessons depends on the time of the year and what is in season . We try and use only fresh , local and if possible organic ingredients .

Mark, I've been talking about my Italian cooking holiday since I came home and a thank you to you for making it possible is long overdue. I'm very wary of boring people about holidays but I've been quizzed endlessly by everyone on this one and there has been real enthusiasm to examine the photographs !! Truly it was a fantastic holiday. So many holidays follow the format of showing you the public face of a country but you peeled off the layers to show the authentic Italy. I still cannot fathom why Sabina is not a major tourist destination but feel smug to know about it before the hoards - inevitably - descend. The whole program, the people involved and your own commitment to such astonishing level of personal service was amazing.

Colette - Cork , Ireland

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