Bruschetta cooking holiday italy.

Bruschetta cooking holiday italy.

Cooking Holiday Italy recipe : Bruschetta

Depending how the weather has been during the year in Sabina , the olive harvest will be in full swing around October and November and the countryside is full with little tractors going to and fro laiden with olives ready for pressing at the mill, resulting in unbelievable quality first press extra virgin olive oil . When the harvest is finished the hill top villages take turns in celebrating the end of the harvest with a festa and bruschetta is devoured with the new season liquid gold and the taste and the texture of the new season olive oil is discussed in much the same way as a fine wine , the flavours are just as complex. 

One of Europe's oldest olive trees is to be found in Fara , around two thousand years old and the countryside is full of olive trees and it has been that way for the last two thousand years , so it's safe to say the Sabine's know a thing or two about olive oil !

Both Giacomo and Franco produce annually fine extra virgin olive oils.


4 large slices of bread, rustic / crusty
14 oz tomatoes
3-4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1-2 cloves of garlic
4-5 basil leaves, + more to garnish
Sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper to taste

olive harvest Sabina Cooking holiday Italy

olive harvest Sabina Cooking holiday Italy

cooking Instruction

Dice the tomatoes and place in a large strainer. Salt the tomatoes generously and thoroughly combine to coat all  with salt.

Place the strainer on a plate or in a bowl and allow to rest for 15–20 minutes, shaking occasionally to encourage the liquids to expel. While not fundamental, this firms up the tomato flesh and makes it easier to release the pulp and seeds.

Empty the excess liquid away and gently shake the strainer (over the sink) to filter out the seeds. 

Taste a piece of the tomato. If still too salty, sprinkle with a small amount of water and shake again.

Transfer the tomatoes to a large bowl and add the extra virgin olive oil. Shred the basil leaves and finely grate in ½ to 1 garlic clove. Grind in some black pepper and combine thoroughly.

Grill or toast the bread slices until golden on both sides. Scoop the tomato onto each slice and garnish with additional basil. Rub the slices with the remaining garlic clove before adding the tomato.

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This is an example of what to expect with Taste Trails Rome | Cooking holiday Italy.  What we eat and cook during your stay depends on the time of the year and what is in season . We try and use only fresh , local and if possible organic ingredients . You will be sampling first press Sabina extra virgin olive oil throughout your stay - fortunately !



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