Perfect espresso | | Cookery Course Italy

Perfect espresso | | Cookery Course Italy

Cookery course Italy , How to make perfect espresso 

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C Pitcher

B   Filter -  Fill with medium ground coffee

A   Base -  Fill with cold water up to the small valve


For Italians , coffee is an important part of the daily routine, starting with that first sip of rich, crema espresso. Learn how to brew the perfect espresso using the traditional classic Italian moka, a stovetop coffeemaker.

Follow this simple guide.

1. Moka. The octagonal stovetop coffeemaker has three parts: the base, the filter, and the pitcher.

2. Assemble the ingredients. Fill the base with cold water up to the small valve, and set the filter inside the base. Fill this with ground coffee - a medium grind works well , then tightly screw on the pitcher.

3. Burble and brew. Place the coffeemaker over low heat on the stove. As it brews, the coffee will begin to burble up into the pitcher of the coffeemaker.

4. Remove from heat. When all of the water has risen, the coffeemaker will begin to sputter. Be careful when opening the lid of the pitcher; the still-spurting espresso has been known to scald even the most practiced of home coffee brewers.

5. Drink it hot. Pour the espresso into a cup, and enjoy immediately!

There will be plenty of opportunities on your Taste Trails Rome | Cookery course Italy , to savour a world class espresso and without paying the earth ! 

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