Cookery classes for couples

Video : Gusto al Borgo - 15c Palazzo venue for two of your cooking experiences

' Couples who cook together stay together ', an expression heard a lot in Italy where children grow up with an absolute love and understanding of the importance of food. For Italians food is central to their everyday lives including and especially their relationships.

When we first started Taste Trails Rome we would worry a little that when the guests arrived they would not get along and actually without fail and to our pleasant surprise they did and even though 70% of our guests come along by themselves, couples are a big part of our cooking holidays and give a fine balance to the make-up of the groups we do have.

Of course the cooking holidays both long weekend and weeks have a program but we put them together so that there is enough free time to enjoy Santo Pietro, its fine pool , gardens and en-suite bedrooms. Guests in their free time do as they please , it is all very informal and relaxing.

There is something so very comforting about Italian food; fresh filled pasta parcels, the simplicity of making fresh pasta and simple sauces. For us here Italian is the true language of love and cooking together is great fun too. Foodie couples can embrace the romantic side of Italian cooking by enjoying the final outcome of their hard work together with your fellow guests in a very beautiful place.

Cooking classes for couples with Paula @ GAB | Taste Trails rome

Cooking classes for couples with Paula @ GAB | Taste Trails rome

All lessons are hands on and we take you through the basics to the more advanced recipes of Roman, Sabina and Italian cooking.

Always at the end of the lesson we eat together the fruits of your labour.

Cooking Classes for couples in Italy | Taste Trails rome

Cooking Classes for couples in Italy | Taste Trails rome

On the arrivals evening we come together for the welcome dinner where you get meet your fellow guests and Mark and Susanna will explain what the next few days entail. 

Cookery classes for couples -  Non Cooking Guests

Guests wishing to come and stay in this beautiful place but not participate on Taste Trails Rome cooking classes for couples , are of course very welcome with a 10% discount of the overall cost.

You would experience EVERYTHING that is listed in the cookery classes for couples weekends or week programs, including lunch / dinner after the lesson and the welcome dinner , wine tasting and the day in Orvieto or if you are here for the week , the day in Rome too. You would just not participate in the cooking classes themselves.

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Mark , Just a short note to say what a fantastic Italian cooking holiday we had with you last week. Anyone looking for cookery classes for couples should look no further. This was the perfect combination of the Italian cooking lessons and the people we met were very special, particularly as we enjoyed hospitality in their homes. We appreciate all the time you have spent in setting up the schedule and, of course, all of the driving you did to get us to places and show us the beautiful countryside and villages. Our few days in Rome was rather a contrast to our time in Sabina but we certainly walked off some of the wonderful food we had eaten and what's more, my partner now comes home with bags full of fresh ingredients with which to experiment his new found love of cooking - Perfect !!

Sue and John - Eavesham , UK


cooking classes for couples

cooking classes for couples