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Where else but in Italy would someone build a 20-acre park devoted to Italian food? 

Located 30 minutes drive east of Bologna and set to open in October 2017 the new €100 million Eataly World will be the world’s largest purposed built agri-food park, a sprawling complex of gardens, orchards and pastures, as well as six virtual reality experiences and over 40 workshops, classrooms and theaters. The park, a project of upmarket Italian food emporium Eataly, founded by Oscar Farinetti in 2004 in Turin, it is intended to reveal the secrets of Italy’s culinary methods and traditions “from the field to the fork.” 

“Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region that also includes Parma and Modena have long been considered the cradle of Italy’s immense food and wine culture,” says Tiziana Primori, Eataly World’s CEO. Bologna’s prime location, she says, is ideally placed to “offer a taste of the whole country from tip to toe, from Piedmont to Sicily.” 

Through workshops and classes Eataly World will offer visitors start-to-finish insights into everything from craft beers and wine production to cheese making and dry-curing prosciutto. Visitors will also be able to see wheat being stone-ground into flour and then how its turned into the many different types of pasta. There will a choice of 40 different restaurants and stalls where visitors can then enjoy the finished products.

There will be more than 2,000 producers and businesses involved in Eataly World, and more than 30 percent are small artisan companies, including Bolognese fresh pasta innovators SfogliAmo, 16th century Calabrian licorice producers Amarelli, and 17th century Abruzzo sugared almond makers William di Carlo.

Visitors can fly around the complex via tricycles, specially designed by hi-end Italian cycle designer Bianchi, that conveniently come with shopping baskets.

Eataly has now 28 stores worldwide and Eataly World is expected to attract over 5 million visitors per year. and the good news is, admission will be free.

Update - August 2017

We were fortunate enough to visit Eataly in August 2017 and have a private guided tour from Fernanda and Martina and to see first hand the progress made and we can say that Eataly is almost ready to open and it is a very impressive project indeed .

Taste Trails Rome Cooking holidays will be visiting again in October bringing a group of Artisan food producers to experience Italy world and to  meet some of their Italian counterparts and hopefully they will be inspired by what they see, taste and hear at Eataly world.

Taste Trails Rome cooking holidays will update again in October once we have visited and fully experience Eataly World.

Eataly Rome. Cooking holidays

Eataly Rome. Cooking holidays

Solo travellers . Cooking holidays

Solo travellers . Cooking holidays

Those of you who can't make it to Bologna why not come and join us at Taste Trails Rome cooking holiday, as there is a fine Eataly in Rome.

We spend the day in Rome during our week long Cooking holiday and you will have the opportunity to visit Eataly, located in Ostiense as well on the day making our way from the Forum , passing the Jewish quarter, Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona , and lunch in a lovely trattoria near the Pantheon yet of the tourist path.

And if you are thinking of coming along on the Cooking Holiday by yourself or are a First Time Solo Traveller ?

You're not alone on a Taste Trails Rome Cooking holiday

Around 70% of our guests come along by themselves and we offer a warm, welcoming, safe, comfortable place to relax and enjoy your cooking holiday. Your accommodation Santo Pietro is a stress free zone with its comfortable en-suite rooms , fine swimming pool and gardens.

We positively encourage people to come along by themselves . Travel is an adventure and our aim is that you can go by yourself but arrive and return home safely having made new friends and having experienced a wonderful time during your stay with us on the Cooking Holiday.


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