3 Reasons why a food and wine adventure is perfect for the Solo traveller

Three reasons …. Solo travel is one of the greatest gifts


Freedom & confidence: 'Solo travel is one of the greatest gifts I've given myself...'

Solo travellers may be single, married or none of the above. They could be millennials or mature. They travel for work and play, alone or with groups and escorted tours (or both). They might fly solo because their holiday dates don't match their partner's, in pursuit of a personal hobby or interest, or simply because they feel like it.

Of course travelling solo can be a little daunting going on a trip with people you don't know and the fact that you will be going alone, Taste Trails Rome realises this and the whole itinerary of the long weekend or week is geared to bringing people together but and we feel this is important , leaving enough free time for you to enjoy the pool and gardens of Santo Pietro. The fact that you would have your own room en-suite gives you complete privacy to dip in and out and completely relax , enjoying other people company and your own space.

The joy of being with like minded people

To our suprise we have found that round 70% of guests come along by themselves, and that like minded people very quickly after meeting feel very comfortable in each others company and by the time they leave many have become friends. We are on hand at all times to make your stay with us go as smoothly as is possible and for you to get out as much or as little as you like from the holiday. Of course good food , wine and long warm sunny days helps and that the fact part form the guests you will meet quite a few characters in your time with us.

Safety - We make sure you arrive and return home safely 

We place a great importance on you arriving and leaving safely and stress free

For those arriving at Rome Ciampino ( Ryanair ) we will be waiting to meet you and of course we return you safe and sound .

Arriving at Rome Fiumincino ? ( BA , Alitalia etc - International airlines ) You would simply take the excellent train from inside the terminal and we will be there to meet you at our local station, Fara Sabina. All very simple , relaxing and stress free.

Join Taste Trails Rome for a food and wine adventure in colour

I was single. I was 29 years old. I was changing jobs, and had a few weeks off in the summer. It felt like having school holidays again, and I was ready for an adventure. My problem? All of my friends were working or had plans with their other halves, I fancied travelling in Italy, a cooking weekend was on my bucket list and I came across Taste Trails Rome food and wine adventures - perfect

Joanne Moore - Exeter, UK

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